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Advances in Crop Science and Technology

Molecular Tools for Nursery Plant Production

Peng Jiang*
Horticulture Department, University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia, USA
Abstract :

Breeding strategies in nursery plants is lagging behind most of the agricultural crops while molecular methods have  been  adopted  last  decade.  Identification  and  verification  of  varieties  for  nursery  plants  were  applied  by molecular tools. Marker assisted breeding utilizes the DNA markers linked to genes of interest to achieve efficient selection strategies. Marker assisted selection (MAS) is a process whereby a marker is used for indirect selection of  genetic  determinants  of  a  trait  of  interest.  There  are  different  kinds  of  molecular  markers,  such  as  restriction  fragment length polymorphisms (RFLPs), random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPDs), amplified fragment length polymorphisms  (AFLPs),  microsatellites  and  single  nucleotide  polymorphisms  (SNPs).  These  molecular  markers  allow high density DNA marker maps. In this review, all of these molecular markers have been applied widely among crops and ornamentals and the advantages and disadvantages have been listed. The best molecular markers are those that distinguish multiple alleles per locus (highly polymorphic) and are co-dominant

Keywords :
Nursery; Production; Ornamentals; Molecular markers; SSR; AFLP; RFLP; RAPD; SRAP

Date Deposited : 05 Apr 2016 15:40

Last Modified : 05 Apr 2016 15:40

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Volume 2, Number 5, November 2014 , ISSN ISSN: 2329-8863

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