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.: Home > Advances in Crop Science and Technology > 2014 > Volume 2 Number 3 > Ganesh CT 1* , Saiprasad GVS 1 , Mohan Raju B 2 , Sheshshayee MS 2 and Udayakumar M 2

Genetic Structure in FCV Tobacco Population as Assessed by Multi-locus Genotyping Using SSR Markers

Ganesh CT 1* , Saiprasad GVS 1 , Mohan Raju B 2 , Sheshshayee MS 2 and Udayakumar M 2
1 Corporate R & D, ITC R&D Centre, Bangalore 560058, India 2 Department of Crop Physiology, UAS, GKVK, Bangalore 560065, Inida
Abstract :

Association mapping studies largely depend on the genetic nature of the population. An understanding of genetic structure  of  population  assists  in  designing  apt  studies  that  accounts  the  dynamics  of  variability  in  population. Current study is aimed at analyzing genetic structure of tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum L.) population consisted of 135 FCV (Flue Cured Virginia) genotypes using multi-locus genotyping with mapped Simple Sequence Repeat (SSR)markers. 25 unlinked SSR markers delineated 135 genotypes revealing a total of 85 alleles with an average of 3.4 alleles per locus. Contrasting allelic frequencies were observed in most of the loci studied. Bayesian method ofinference  employed  the  genotyping  data  to  derive  genetic  structure  information  from  the  population.  High  FST measures in the subpopulations (0.44, 0.09 and 0.29 at population level K=3) indicated high inbreeding coefficient signifying  a  strongly  structured  population.  Evolutionary  dissimilarity  estimate  using  DARwin  also  supported  the finding  of  resilient  structure  in  the  population.  These  findings  were  found  highly  useful  in  designing  appropriate mapping strategies for tobacco breeding

Keywords :
Nicotiana tabacum ; Population structure; SSR markers; Trait mapping

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Volume 2, Number 3, August 2014 , ISSN ISSN: 2329-8863

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