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Advances in Crop Science and Technology

Soil Organic Carbon Mapping at Field and Regional Scales Using GIS and Remote Sensing Applications

Sandeep Kumar*
Soil Biophysics and Soil Management, Department of Plant Science, South Dakota State University, Brookings, SD 57007, USA
Abstract :
Soil Organic Carbon (SOC) is strongly influenced by soil type, and different environmental variables. The SOC has been disturbed continuously by land use change, intensive grazing, cultivation, and for corn (Zea mays L.) cultivation for the ethanol production. These practices adversely affected the SOC pool and strongly impacting global warming and climate change. Therefore, a profound understanding is
very important to explore conservation practices those are helpful in improving SOC sequestration and mitigating climatic change impacts. An estimate of the SOC pool for the regional, national, and global scale is needed to provide policymakers a basis with which to manage and/ or improve this soil C pool in order to address global warming issues and to offset anthropogenic emissions. Thus, a critical and credible
estimation of this pool is necessary. Because of the spatial heterogeneity of soil C, extensive soil sampling is required at regional and global scales to precisely estimate the SOC pool. However, direct measurement of soil C at these larger scales is expensive and time consuming. Furthermore, sampling density and design, analytical techniques, and calculation methods produce a significant error associated with SOC
pool prediction at continental and global scales [1]. Therefore, various estimation techniques have been used extensively to interpolate the SOC at larger scales. 
Keywords :
Organic Carbon Mapping at Field and Regional Scales GIS and Remote Sensing Applications

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Volume 1, Number 2, June 2013 , ISSN ISSN: 2329-8863

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