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International Journal of Economics & Management Sciences

Ordinary Least Square (OLS) Estimators of Mushroom Market Supply in the City of Addis Ababa

Molla DN*
Ethiopian Public Health Institute, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Abstract :

The overall study focuses to assess ordinary least square (OLS) estimators of mushroom market supply in the city of Addis Ababa. This study has analyzed and generalized interviewed and personally observed data from 60 observations done. Price of mushroom and number of labors employed in the business are the relevant variables. Being exit from mushroom market via mushroom producers is as an expense of labor factor, rather not as an expense of price. Even if mushroom market supply model has less predictive power on mushroom market supply of the population function, market price and number of labors employed in the production has direct relationship with mushroom market supply, citrus paribus. So Ethiopia, as labor intensive strategic country, every mushroom supplier should extensively utilize this resource to enhance mushroom market supply. Anyone who is going to repeat this research cannot include price of mushroom and labor as a factor in favor of other relevant exogenous variables.

Keywords :
Ordinary least square; Mushroom; Market; Production

Date Deposited : 22 Apr 2016 16:00

Last Modified : 22 Apr 2016 16:00

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Volume 4, Number 9, November 2015 , ISSN 2162-6359

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