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International Journal of Economics & Management Sciences

Socio-Economic Impact of Industrialisation and Mining on the Local Population: A Case Study of NALCO Industrial Area, Koraput

Prasant Kumar Behera*
Department of Economics, Central University of Orissa, Koraput, Odisha, India
Abstract :

National Aluminium Company (NALCO), Damanjodi is a govt. own Navaratna Company located in the major bauxite mining district of Odisha. The vast majority of the local population around NALCO are ST’s and SC’s and most of them are employees of the company. On the other hand, it has a displacement effect on tribal’s and also creating water, air and sound pollution. Considering the above, this paper attempts to explain the significance of industrialisation and its impact on the local economic development through a case study in three peripheral villages of NALCO industrial area. In view of the specificity of the topic we relied on primary data. The relevant information have been elicited from 100 residents of three surrounding villages of NALCO namely Kapsiput, Analabadi and Goudaguda through a special questionnaire. The findings showed both positive and negative effects of mining, refinery, aluminium smelter and industrial effluents of NALCO on human and ecological health, pattern of livelihood, income, education and settlement of local population etc and finally it suggest alternatives and improvements to prevent environmental and health degradation and, to actively promote education, health and economic development around industrial sites.

Keywords :
Industrialization; Mining; NALCO; Socio-economic impact; Development

Date Deposited : 25 Apr 2016 13:04

Last Modified : 25 Apr 2016 13:04

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Volume 4, Number 8, October 2015 , ISSN 2162-6359

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