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International Journal of Economics & Management Sciences

Management Science and Student Perception: Application and Testing of Strategies and Learning Outcomes

Antonio Rappa*
Security Studies, SIM University, Singapore
Abstract :

Strategies in Management Science must be tested for validation to reveal if strategies are effective or ineffective. This paper is about testing the validity of two main strategies employed in our Management and Security Studies pedagogy: (1) the flipped classroom; and, (2) online learning. The “student perception survey” was conducted over two semesters between 2014 and 2015. The paper also provides a brief professional and demographic background of the students in Management and Security studies who are full-time working professionals in management positions in the security industry. Actual data for eight courses in Management and Security Studies was analysed to show if (1) Student Learning Outcomes were achieved; and, (2) whether Security studies concepts, flipped learning and innovative online strategies worked successfully when applied at the workplace.

Keywords :
Management science; Teaching strategies; Flipped classroom; Online learning; Student perception survey; Working adults; Security studies

Date Deposited : 03 May 2016 21:03

Last Modified : 03 May 2016 21:03

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Volume 4, Number 7, July 2015 , ISSN 2162-6359

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