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Marketing System, Seasonal Price Variation and Market Integration of Hilsha (Tenualosa Ilisha) Fish in Some Selected Areas of Bangladesh

Md. Imran Omar1 *, Umme Aymon Janifa2 , Md. Ashraful Islam3 , and Md. Fakrul Islam4 , Mohammad Azharul Alam4
1Scientific Officer, Agricultural Economics Division, Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute, Joydevpur, Gazipur-1701. Bangladesh, India 2M.S Student, Department of Aquaculture, Faculty of Fisheries, Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh-2202, Bangladesh, India 3Assistant Professor, Department of Dairy and Poultry Science, Patuakhali Science and Technology University, Bangladesh, India 4Lecturer, Department of Fisheries Management and Lecturer, Department of Fisheries Biology and Genetics, Sheikh Fajilatunnesa Mujib Fisheries College, Melandah, Jamalpur, Bangladesh, India
Abstract :

A study was undertaken to examine the marketing system and price behavior of Hilsha fish in selected areas of Chandpur district of Bangladesh during the month of March-April 2012. The objectives of the study were to estimate costs and margins, seasonal price variation and to test market integration of Hilsha fish. Primary and secondary data were used for this study. The higher marketing cost was incurred by aratdars and the lowest by retailer. On the other hand, retailers earned the highest net marketing margins. Analysis of market integration shows that Hilsha fish market in Bangladesh was well integrated. The findings of the study revealed that the marketing of Hilsha was a profitable business and some recommendations were provided for the improvement of Hilsha marketing in the country

Keywords :
Engle granger co-integration; Market integration; Marketing system; Price behavior; Hilsha; Chandpur

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Volume 4, Number 2, February 2015 , ISSN 2162-6359

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