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International Journal of Economics & Management Sciences

Consumer Brand Preference for Consumer Durable Goods With Reference to Lucknow District

Aamir Hasan*
Gyan Institute of Management and Technology, Lucknow, India
Abstract :

Consumer behaviourble changes make “Yesterday’s luxuries are today’s necessaries”. India is emerging as an attractive market for consumer durables. But the vibrant environmental factors and fierce competition is making it imperative to understand the dynamics of consumer durable market. Market survival depends on consumer satisfaction. Consumer satisfaction depends on their perception and brand preference of particular brand. 6 brands of consumer durables are available in the study area. The study would bring to light which consumer durable brand is most preferred by the consumers and why chose a particular consumer durable brand. Adopting a convenience sampling technique, 350 respondents of socio economic class (SEC A, B and C) were chosen among the consumer durable goods users in Lucknow City, randomly selected during the month of January and February 2014. The responses were analyzed through chi-square test and Garrett score with the help of SPSS-17. The paper has found that quality, technological innovations and multitude of brands across price points for price sensitive consumers are the three dominant factors which influence the consumer preference for consumer durable brands. The authors have found that quality has emerged as the most dominant factor influencing the consumers’ preference for the consumer durable goods.

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Aamir Hasan*

Date Deposited : 04 May 2016 20:12

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Volume 4, Number 1, January 2015 , ISSN 2162-6359

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