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International Journal of Economics & Management Sciences

A Study on Influencing Factors to Affect the Economic Status of Layer Poultry Farmers in Namakkal District of Tamilnadu

Ravichandran P* and Khan Mohamed A
Department of Economics, Jamal Mohamed College (Autonomous), Tiruchirappalli - 620 020, India
Abstract :

Poultry industry is one of the fastest growing segments of the agricultural sector in India. The important aspect of poultry development in India is the significant variation in the industry across different regions. Namakkal poultry farmers faced many constraints in poultry egg production due to climate factor, disease outbreak, poor quality of chicks, lack of quality feed and, Bio security, seasonal variations in egg prices and demand, poor infrastructural facility. The economic status of Namakkal poultry farmers highly influenced by the above said factors in day-today life. Among these factors, the climatic factor ranks first in affecting the economic status of poultry farmers. This factor influences the prices of the eggs, productivity of eggs. We conclude that if the poultry farm is not affected by climatic factor, the revenue would be more throughout the year. This study suggests that the poultry farmers may adopt a suitable precautionary method to prevent the outbreaks by climatic factor. Then the economic status of the poultry farmers will be in equilibrium. 

Keywords :
Poultry; Layer farm; Economic status; Solution factor; Constraints; Diseases; Egg price fluctuations

Date Deposited : 09 May 2016 20:53

Last Modified : 09 May 2016 20:53

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Volume 4, Number 4, April 2015 , ISSN 2162-6359

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