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Real Impact from the Basel 2 and Basel 2,5 for the Single Bank and How Possible to Reduce the Misunderstanding in Recommendations

Talex Maxim*
Ha Roe 96, Ramat Gan, Israel, 52001, Kfar Yona, Israel
Abstract :

In my report I was motivated to find out the real impact for the Banks from the Operational risk regulatory framework and from the recommendations of the Basel committee in the studying of operational risk impact. This is not a criticism of the practical implementation in work but an invitation to hold the eyes open on the real situation. In this article the theory and practical work description with risk indicators, risk scenario planning, and ways of external data extrapolation. In conclusion there are several questions of the Operational risk and the main issues in the interpretation of external rules and regulations internally.

Keywords :
Misunderstanding in Recommendations

Date Deposited : 13 May 2016 21:33

Last Modified : 13 May 2016 21:33

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Volume 3, Number 3, October 2014 , ISSN 2162-6359

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