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.: Home > Nature and Science > 2012 > Volume 10 Number 5 > A. I. Fahmi1,4, A. D. Al-Talhi2 and M. M. Hassan3,4

Protoplast fusion enhances antagonistic activity in Trichoderma sp.

A. I. Fahmi1,4, A. D. Al-Talhi2 and M. M. Hassan3,4
1Biotechnology Department, Faculty of Science, Taif University, KSA 2Biology Department, Faculty of Science, Taif University, KSA 3Scientific Research Center, Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering Unit, Taif University, KSA 4Genetics Department, Faculty of Agriculture, Minufiya University, Egypt
Abstract :

Genus Trichoderma is one of the most important filamentous fungi used as a biocontrol agent. Because of the absence of sexual reproduction in this fungus, other methods of genetic improvement have been developed such as proptoplast fusion to enhance its bicontrol potential. Therefore the objectives of this study were; 1) protoplast fusion and regeneration of two fungicide tolerant mutants of Trichoderma. harzianum, 2) using ISSR for fingerprinting of intraspecific protoplast fusants and 3) assessment of antagonistic ability ofTrichoderma fusants against three soil born diseases. Protoplast was isolated from two fungicide tolerant mutants PTz-V and PTz-F of T. harzianum,. The frequency of fusion tolerant to both pesticides was about 0.32 % and seven fusants were selected for further studies. In fusant stability experiments, only five of these fusants were the result of nuclear fusion of parental cells. Molecular characterization of two stable fusants using ISSR indicated the presence of novel fragments which may be due to recombination events between parents. In dual culture biocontrol experiments, five selected fusants showed growth inhibition against three pathogens namely;Rhizoctonia solaniFusarium oxysporum andPythium ultimum. However, Fus 7 indicated the best ability of inhibition the growth of the three pathogens. In greenhouse experiments Fus 7 demonstrated a great ability to reduce tomato damping off of the three pathogens in the presence of the two fungicides understudy. It was concluded that, the protoplast fusion is a powerful tool to enhance the biocontrol ability of Trichoderma sp.against diseases.

Keywords :
Protoplast fusion, PCR-ISSR technique, Trichoderma and antagonistic ability

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Volume 10, Number 5, - 2012 , ISSN 1545-0740

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