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.: Home > Nature and Science > 2012 > Volume 10 Number 9 > Abbas Atapourfard1, Majid Moradi Sharaf1, Gholamreza Shoaei2

The application of FSM model for the prediction of sediment yield in Tehran basin

Abbas Atapourfard1, Majid Moradi Sharaf1, Gholamreza Shoaei2
1. Watershed Research Group, Agriculture investigation center of Hamedan, P.O.Box: 887, Hamedan, Iran 2 Assistant Professor, Tarbiat Modares University, P.O.Box: 14115-175, Tehran, Iran
Abstract :

Because of scarce recorded data, experimental models are widely used in Iran. Due to the model variable parameters and widely irregular conditions of the basins, particularly in Tehran region, the calibration of the models are necessary to reduce the prediction errors. The available data for the basins selected for this investigation are physiographic, vegetation cover, geology, the results of erosion and sedimentation studies and data of a few sedimentary gauge stations with more than 15 years of collected data (sediment and flow discharge) in their outlets. Daily flow records were compiled and combined with adopted sediment rating curve (the Model on mean values) to give annual sediment loads through the period of record. Bed load of selected basins have been estimated by the use of the accumulated bed load in the reservoir of small dams. Calibration and validation of The Factorial Scoring Mode (FSM) was done using specific sediment yield (SSY) data from 9 gauge stations. Then by comparing the results of calibrated and uncalibrated FSMs (calibrated and uncalibrated) and calculated annual SSY of gauge stations, the model efficiency (ME) as deļ¬ned by Nash and Sutcliffe (1970), and the relative root mean square error (RRMSE) were determined. The adjusted R2 between predicted and observed SSY of calibrated FSM was 0.8, the model efficiency is 0.62 and the RRMSE value is 0.27.

Keywords :
sediment yield; soil erosion; sedimentary gauge stations; Tehran basin

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Volume 10, Number 9, - 2012 , ISSN 1545-0740

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