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V. Vinayak1*,Chitralekha2, S.Kaur3,. A. Kadyan4 and A.Rai5
1Senior Scientific Officer(Biology) 2 Scientific Assistant(Biology) 3 Senior Scientific Assistant(Biology) 4 Assistant Director(Biology) 5 Scientific Assistant (D.N.A).Forensic Science Laboratory, Haryana, Madhuban. 132037
Abstract :

Forensic trichology has played an important role in criminal justice delivery system. Hair is encountered as physical evidence in many crime cases. If hair is properly collected at scene of crime it can provide as a strong corroborative evidence to place an individual to crime scene. A microscopic examination of hair distinguishes human hair from or animal hair or a fiber. Scale structure, medullary index, shape, colour, ends of hair help in judging whether hair belongs to an individual have been cut , pulled , thrashed or artificially coloured. If hair is forcibly removed in such a way that it leaves some blood or skin with the root, then DNA typing can be performed. With the exception of mitochondrial DNA, it is not possible to extract DNA from a single hair without blood or skin attached.

Keywords :
Trichology, crime scene, Microscopy

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Volume 10, Number 9, - 2012 , ISSN 1545-0740

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