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Impact of Job Autonomy and Supervisor’s and Co-Workers’ Support on Job Burnout and Satisfaction: The mediating Role of Emotional Labor

Anum Iqbal¹
¹ Foundation University Islamabad
Abstract :

The study is to examine the extended writing of what actually emotional labor is and about how the context of this study is set out to identify the study of emotional labor. The study aims to identify the various aspects of emotional labor in organizational environment and customer service organizations role which plays an integral part having face-to-face interactions between employees and customer which in turn aims to satisfy the customers queries, sometimes it becomes very challenging for the employee to fight between satisfying their own personal desires and customers needs, other than that specifically this research work bring into light the mediating role of emotional labor and its effects on job autonomy, supervisory support, burnout and job satisfaction. Regression and sobel test were used to analyze the data and its is found that there are strong influences of job autonomy and support to job burnout and satisfaction. Moreover the mediating role of emotional labor was also determined. 

Keywords :
The mediating Role of Emotional Labor

Date Deposited : 18 May 2016 20:40

Last Modified : 18 May 2016 20:40

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Volume 2, Number 7, June 2013 , ISSN 2162-6359

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