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Mostly Discussed Research areas in Human Resource Management (HRM) – A Literature Review

Mansoor Hussain¹ and Mushtaq Ahmad²
¹ Corresponding Author - M.phil scholar, Army Public College of Management and Sciences (APCOMS),Rawalpindi,Pakistan, University of engineering and technology (UET) Taxila, Pakistan Corresponding Address: CB-194, Lane-3 Sherzaman Colony Tulsa Road Lalazar, Rawalpindi, Cantt ,Pakistan E-mail: ² M Phil Scholar Army Public College of management and sciences (APCOMS) Rawalpindi,Pakistan University of Engineering and Technology(UET), Taxila Pakistan
Abstract :

This field of HRM is still in its evolutionary phase and it is difficult to identify any crystal clear framework to retrofit the existing strewn perspectives. Available literature shows that HRM is a system that strives to achieve a dynamic balance between the personal interests and concerns of people and their economic added value. In this study all those papers which are published in prominent HR journals were scanned and those published during last five year period were kept under sharp focus. Papers pertaining to the field of HRM and organizational performance were categorized and examined in detail. Categorization of the literature according to various dimensions enabled the researcher to explore new areas that are not adequately covered in the literature; hence this study is a structured overview covering significant aspects. It was found that HRM is an area that continues to evoke a lot of debate and body of work in HRM is relatively small, and most of the questions are sorely in need of further attention.

Keywords :
Human Resource Management(HRM) , Organizational Objectives, HR Outcomes, standardize, organizational knowledge, HRM framework

Date Deposited : 01 Jun 2016 20:17

Last Modified : 01 Jun 2016 20:17

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Volume 2, Number 3, March 2012 , ISSN 2162-6359

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