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International Journal Of Bilogical Sciences

.: Home > International Journal Of Bilogical Sciences > 2016 > Volume 12 Number 6 > Judong Luo1,2*, Zengpeng Li3*, Hong Zhu4*, Chenying Wang3, Weibin Zheng3 ,Yan He5, Jianyuan Song5, Wenjie Wang6, Xifa Zhou1, Xujing Lu1, Shuyu Zhang5,6, Jianming Chen3 

A Novel Role of Cab45-G in Mediating Cell Migration in Cancer Cells

Judong Luo1,2*, Zengpeng Li3*, Hong Zhu4*, Chenying Wang3, Weibin Zheng3 ,Yan He5, Jianyuan Song5, Wenjie Wang6, Xifa Zhou1, Xujing Lu1, Shuyu Zhang5,6, Jianming Chen3 
1. Department of Radiotherapy, Changzhou Tumor Hospital, Soochow University, Changzhou, 213001, China; 2. Department of Radiation Oncology, Shandong Cancer Hospital affiliated to Shandong University, Shandong Academy of Medical Sciences, Jinan , 250117, China; 3. Key Laboratory Breeding Base of Marine Genetic Resources, Third Institute of Oceanography, State Oceanic Administration, Xiamen 361005, China; 4. Department of Radiation Oncology, Minhang Branch of Cancer Hospital of Fudan University, Shanghai 200240, China; 5. School of Radiation Medicine and Protection and Jiangsu Provincial Key Laboratory of Radiation Medicine and Protection, Medical College of Soochow University, Suzhou 215123, China; 6. Collaborative Innovation Center of Radiation Medicine of Jiangsu Higher Education Institutions and School for Radiological and Interdisciplinary Sciences (RAD-X), Soochow University, Suzhou 215123, China. *These first three authors contributed equally to this work.  Corresponding authors: (S. Zhang) Tel/Fax: +86512-65880065, E-mail:; (J. Chen) Tel/Fax: +86592-2195337, E-mail:
Abstract :

Ca2+-binding protein of 45 kDa (Cab45), a CREC family member, is reported to be associated with Ca2+-dependent secretory pathways and involved in multiple diseases including cancers. Cab45-G, a Cab45 isoform protein, plays an important role in protein sorting and secretion at Golgi complex. However, its role in cancer cell migration remains elusive. In this study, we demonstrate that Cab45-G exhibited an increased expression in cell lines with higher metastatic potential and promoted cell migration in multiple types of cancer cells. Overexpression of Cab45-G resulted in an altered expression of the molecular mediators of epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT), which is a critical step in the tumor metastasis. Quantitative real-time PCR showed that overexpression of Cab45-G increased the expression of matrix metalloproteinase-2 and -7 (MMP-2 and MMP-7). Conversely, knock-down of Cab45-G reduced the expression of the above MMPs. Moreover, forced expression of Cab45-G upregulated the level of phosphorylated ERK and modulated the secretion of extracellular proteins fibronectin and fibulin. Furthermore, in human cervical and esophageal cancer tissues, the expression of Cab45-G was found to be significantly correlated with that of MMP-2, further supporting the importance of Cab45-G on regulating cancer metastasis. Taken together, these results suggest that Cab45-G could regulate cancer cell migration through various molecular mechanisms, which may serve as a therapeutic target for the treatment of cancers.

Keywords :
Cab45-G, cell migration, Golgi complex, epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT).

Date Deposited : 04 Nov 2016 22:08

Last Modified : 04 Nov 2016 22:08

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Volume 12, Number 6, April 2016

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