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Morphometric Study Of Mastoid Canal And Suprameatal Triangle Of Human Egyptian Skull,With Gender Determination

Saadia A. Shalaby,Essam M. Eid,Omar A. Allam, Naglaa A. Sarg and Amal G. Metwally
Department of Anatomy, Faculty of Medicine, Benha University, Egypt,
Abstract :

Purpose: This study aimed to evaluate the anatomical variations of mastoid canal, mastoid groove and suprameatal triangle and to evaluate the use of mastoid process as atool for sex determination in unidentified skeleton. Material and methods: The mastoid region of 100 dry human skulls were observed for prescence of mastoid canal and groove.If any, ametallic wire was passed through the canal for its confirmation and then the length was measured. Inspection of suprameatal spine for its shape and size and determine the depth of suprameatal triangle or depression (deep or shallow). The following measurements were taken using vernier caliper:mastoid triangle measurements,mastoid length and mastoid breadth. Results: Mastoid canal was present in 28% of total 100 skull either unilaterally or bilaterally.mastoid groove was present in 24% of total 100 skull.both mastoid canal &groove were present in 8% of total 100 skull.suprameatal triangle was deep in 46% of total skulls and it was shallow in 30% of total skulls. The most prevalent type of supameatal spine was crest type (46%) while triangular type was present in 26% of total skulls.There were a highly significant difference between both sex (p< 0.01) as regard mastoid triangle measurements,mastoid length and mastoid breadth. Conclusion: It was possible to conclude that mastoid canal,mastoid groove and the suprameatal triangle presents anatomical variations that may help neurosurgeons and otologic surgeones during surgical procedures which involve access to structure in posterior cranial fossa and mastoid air system.

Keywords :
mastoid canal, suprameatal triangle, mastoid process, mastoidectomy.

Date Deposited : 22 Nov 2016 19:14

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Volume 14, Number 4, - 2016

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