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The Changes of Modern Science and Technology Notion and New Economic and Social Mode

Qijie Zhou1,2 , Zhihong Chu2 , Xiaowei Wang2
(1. Heilongjiang University, Harbin, Heilongjiang 150080, China, Email: 2. Northeast Agricultural University, Harbin, Heilongjiang 150030, China)
Abstract :

Since the  19th Century, science and technology have brought both  positive and  negative
influences on human society. Many western scholars, including futurists, ecologists, Marxist cultural
critics, humanists, existential  thinkers, have analyzed and criticized human living conditions brought
about by science and technology. It is now necessary to construct a good and united developing mode
of science and technology for the development of human societies and global economics. [Nature and
Science. 2004;2(3):66-69].

Keywords :
science; technology; alienation; economic mode; social developing mode

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Volume 2, Number 3, October 2004 , ISSN 1545-0740

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