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Improvement of Hyperglycemia and Sexual Dysfunction in Diabetic Female Rats by an Artificial Endocrine Pancreas Developed from Mouse β Cells

Haruo HASHIMOTO 1) 2), Naoki MORITANI 2), Misao TERADA 2) 3), Pudcharaporn KROMKHUN 2), Wirasak FUNGFUAUG 2), Tomoaki NAKADA 2), Makoto YOKOSUKA 2) and Toru R. SAITO 2)

Abstarc :

We investigated the effects of a bioartificial endocrine pancreas (Bio-AEP) produced by mouse β cells on sexual dysfunction of streptozotocin (STZ)-induced diabetic female rats. Female rats were administered STZ (60 mg/kg BW, i.v.) at the age of 10 weeks and transplanted with a Bio-AEP including mouse β cells at the age of 14 weeks (STZ+Bio-AEP group). Lordosis and proceptive sexual behavior of female rats were observed. The results showed that after the Bio-AEP transplant blood glucose recovered from 380–450 mg/dl induced by streptozotocin to 140–230 mg/dl and suppressed lordosis and proceptive behavior also recovered. These results suggest that it is possible to reverse sexual dysfunction by continuous administration of mouse insulin.

Key Word :
bioartificial endocrine pancreas, diabetic rats, streptozotocin

Volume 59, Number 4, - 2010 , ISSN 1881-7122 (online), ISSN 1341-1357 (print)