Nature and Science

Analysis on the Parking demand of the Commercial Buildings Considering the Public Transport Accessibility

Huanmei Qin 1 , Qing Xiao 1 , Hongzhi Guan 1 , Xiaosong Pan 1

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Parking index is the fundamental basis for the buildings’ parking supply in city. Researches on the 
parking demand takes prepare for establishing the buildings’ parking index. Based on the parking survey of the  commercial buildings in Beijing, this paper first analyzes the parking demand of the shopping centre and  supermarkets. Further it analyzes the relationship between the parking demand of the commercial buildings and the  public transport accessibility. The conclusion is that the parking demand  rate of the shopping centre and  supermarkets decreases with the increasing of the public transport accessibility. It also provides the parking demand  rate under the different levels of the public transport accessibility and the parking demand model with the  accessibility. The conclusions are valuable for the researches on the parking demand and the making of the parking  index for the commercial buildings.[Nature and Science. 2010;8(3):63-68]. (ISSN: 1545-0740)

Key Word :
commercial buildings; public transport accessibility; parking demand analysis; parking index

Volume 8, Number 3, March 2010 , ISSN 1545-0740