Animal Science Papers and Reports

The effect of hydrocortisone on the concentration of triacylglycerols and cholesterol in the liver and kidney of mice maintained on two diets differing in protein level

Jolanta Klusek1, Edyta Seta1, Gra؟yna Œwiderska-Ko³acz1, Artur Jَںwik2, Adam Ko³¹taj2

Abstarc :

Used were mice aged 6 weeks and maintained on diets containing 16 or 10% crude protein. Over 4
or 6 consecutive days the mice were given intraperitoneally 0.0075 mg hydrocortisone per kg body
weight. Control mice were intraperitoneally injected with 0.9% NaCl. In the liver of mice kept on
low-protein diet the concentration of triacylglycerols was found significantly lower after 6 days
injections while in the kidney of those kept on standard diet (16% protein) – increased after 4 days

Key Word :
cholesterol / dietary protein / hydrocortisone / mice / triacylglycerol

Volume 25, Number 3, - 2007