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Gene expression profiling in the mouse mammary gland cell line EpH4 during duct-like structure formation on collagen gel

Tadeusz Malewski, Lech Zwierzchowski, Zofia SzymaŁŒczak

Abstarc :

Differentially expressed genes were investigated in mouse mammary gland epithelial cell line EpH4 using cDNA microarrays. In this preliminary study differences were found in gene expression
between cells growing on plastic substrate and in collagen gel. Eighty-three genes were shown to
be up-regulated and 49 down-regulated. Up-regulated expression of estrogen receptor, CREB, and
cyclin D1 genes suggest that they may be important for milk duct development.

Key Word :
cell culture / gene expression / mammary gland / microarray / mouse

Volume 24, Number 2, - 2007