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Changes in the blood plasma testosterone and cholesterol concentrations during sexual maturation of Pharaoh quails

Barbara B³aszczyk1, Zofia Tarasewicz2, Jan Uda³al, Dariusz G¹czarzewiczl, Tomasz Stankiewiczl, Danuta Szczerbiٌska2, Krystyna Romaniszyn2, Joanna Jasienieckal

Abstarc :

Blood plasma concentrations of testosterone and cholesterol were measured during sexual
maturation (age 40-66 days) of Pharaoh quail males and females. Blood samples were withdrawn
at two-days intervals. In males and females testosterone level increased significantly from week 6 to
week 8, with significant differences (P<0.01) being identified between sexes. Plasma cholesterol level was found higher (P<0.05) in males, being, however, not affected by birds’ age. The results presented confirmed that testosterone concentration in the blood plasma may be involved
in the physiological control of sexual maturation process in quails of both sexes. Moreover, the
results obtained have provided data on biochemical composition of blood plasma in quails during
sexual maturation.

Key Word :
blood plasma / cholesterol / quail / sexual maturation / testosterone

Volume 24, Number 3, - 2006