Nature and Science

The effects of farmyard manure on the dry matter components of two cucumber varieties

Eifediyi, E. K ; S. U. Remison and V. B. Okaka

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Abstract: The effects of farmyard manure on the dry matter content of two cucumber varieties (Ashley and
Palmetto) was evaluated at the Teaching and Research Farm of the Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma, Nigeria Lat 6o 451 N and Long 6o 081E..The farmyard manure was applied at the rates of 0, 5 and 10t/ha. The layout was a 2 x 3 factorial scheme with three replicates. The result of the study showed that increasing the farmyard rates led to an increase in the dry matter weights of the two varieties of cucumber. Farmyard manure at 10t/ha increased the dry matter content of cucumber. Palmetto was however more responsive to FYM application, with the rate of 10t/ha out yielding the control by 60% in contrast to Ashley, in which 10t/ha of FYM out yielded the control by only 30 %. [Nature and Science. 2010;8(5):16-22]. (ISSN: 1545-0740).

Key Word :
Farmyard manure, two cucumber varieties, dry matter accumulation and yield

Volume 8, Number 5, May 2010 , ISSN 1545-0740