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Cytogenetic, histological, hormonal and semen studies in male goats with developed udders

Kazimierz Jaszczak1,*, Paweł Sysa2, K. Romanowicz3, Z. Boryczko2, Rafał Parada1, Mariusz Sacharczuk1, M. Witkowski2, Magdalena Kawka1, Karina Horbańczuk1

Abstarc :

Cytogenetic, hormonal, histological and semen quality examinations were performed in two unrelated male goats with developed udders (gynaecomastia). The bucks were neither stimulated for lactation nor milked. The progressive enlargement of the udder was observed between first and second breeding season (10-22 months). Karyotyping showed normal males. Plasma testosterone levels were within the range noted for normal bucks. Plasma concentrations of prolactin, growth hormone, FSH and LH were high, but comparable to normal bucks. Structure of the mammary glands was similar to that found in females. The quality parameters of

Key Word :
gynaecomastia, goats, karyotype, hormone levels, semen quality, udder

Volume 28, Number 1, - 2010