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Response of vermi-compost on Growth and Yield of Pea (pisum sativum L.) cv. Arkel

Pisum sativum, vermi-compost, FYM, NPK

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The present investigation “Response of vermi-compost on growth and yield of pea (Pisum sativum L.) cv. 
Arkel’’ comprised of seven treatments consisting of three level of vermi-compost, three level of vermi-compost with  NPK, and one level of FYM + NPK. During the experimentation, growth character and yield characters were  recorded. The germination of pea cv. Arkel, Seeds became faster with T4 (vermi-compost-10 t/ha+NPK) treatment  but there after the germination occurred at slower rate and days taken for completion of germination increased  progressively. The T4 (vermi-compost-10 t/ha + NPK) treatment exhibited the maximum nodule formation and  yield. A comparative study of the present findings led to the conclusion that sowing of pea with the application of  vermi-compost @ 10 t/ha and NPK @ 25:60:50 kg/ha was found most effective to best growth of pea crop under  Srinagar valley condition of Garhwal region of  Uttrakhand state. [Nature and Science 2010;8(4):18-21].ISSN:1545- 

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Pisum sativum, vermi-compost, FYM, NPK

Volume 8, Number 4, April 2010 , ISSN 1545-0740