International Journal of Poultry Science

Decreasing Diet Density: Direct Fed Microbials and L-Threonine

M.T. Kidd, A. Corzo, W.A. Dozier, L. Araujo, C.D. Coufal and B.J. Kerr

Abstarc :

Alterations in nutritional strategies are becoming more prevalent as broiler integrators are faced with high feed costs compared to historical averages. If broiler diets are devoid of antimicrobials and contain lower than average nutrient content, could the addition of a direct fed microbial ingredient aid in performance recovery? And, although the dietary addition of L-Thr decreases diet cost, will inclusion of up to a pound per ton result in a loss of yield? Two floor pen experiments were conducted to assess the previous questions. In experiment 1, broilers were fed diets varying in amino acid and energy density with and without Primalac from d 1-48. Feeding reduced density diets decreased (p<0.05) some live performance measurements  and increased (p<0.05) mortality, but interactions or Primalac main effects did not occur (p<0.05). In experiment 2, broiler performance and N excretion were evaluated from 25-43 d of age after birds were fed variations in dietary L-Thr. The dietary inclusion of L-Thr did not decrease bird performance, but reduced (p = 0.13) percent N excreted. Although topics addressed in these experiments should be further studied, these results provide possible strategies for integrators to reduce feed costs.

Key Word :
Diet density, primalac, broiler, L-threonine

Volume 9, Number 1, - 2010 , ISSN 1682-8356