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Influence of feeding complete dry diets mixed with water on production traits and health status of blue foxes (Alopex lagopus)

Andrzej Gugołek1*, Manfred Oskar Lorek 1, Tadeusz Rotkiewicz2, Zofia Rotkiewicz3, Paweł Janiszewski1, Wojciech Zabłocki1

Abstarc :

An experiment was performed on 120 growing blue foxes (Alopex lagopus), 60 animals per group. Control group (C) was offered traditional diets prepared from thawed components while the experimental (E) was offered a pulp obtained from mixing dry pulverized components (animal meals, ground wheat, fat, witamin-mineral mix), with water 5 h prior to feeding. The body weight of foxes was recorded, and fur quality assessed based on live measurements and pelt quality evaluation. The diets were monitored for microbial contamination. The effects of diets on the overall health of animals were estimated based on blood biochemical and morphological parameters as well as anatomopathological changes of the digestive tract and internal organs. It was found that the risk of microbial contamination was lower in experimental diets, compared to conventional ones. Experimental feeding had no influence on the final body weights of foxes, but had positively affected fur quality (P<0.01). No negative impact of experimental diets on the health status of animals was observed.

Key Word :
animal meal, feeding, fox, health status, microbiology, production traits

Volume 28, Number 2, - 2010