Environmental Management and Sustainable Development

Environmental Protection toward the Globalization Era

Flora Pricilla Kalalo

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The Environment greatly affects the global life in which humans become part of it. Good environment and healthy is a state that is highly desired by everyone. However, it is inevitable that the current global situation is getting worse over time. Globalization activities that occur between one country to another country for the sake of economic progress triggers environmental problems, such as the opening of new lands for economic activity continues to be done so that the green areas in the world is declining. Indonesia, which is one-on-one countries that are the lungs of the world are facing the same thing. Indonesia also had to adapt to be able to engage actively promote economic and perform construction but without damaging the existing environment. Therefore the development of environmentally sound with the principle of sustainable development as set out in the rules should be the cornerstone of national Indonesia in carrying out development in Indonesia.

Key Word :
Environment, Globalization, Sustainable Development

Volume 4, Number 2, - 2015 , ISSN 2164-7682