International Journal of Management and Business Research

Fuzzy Risk Analysis Model for E-tourism Investment

1 Zeinab Jowkar ; 2 Reza Samizadeh

Abstarc :

This paper provides a Fuzzy based decision support system (DSS) for risk analysis in E-tourism 
( Electronic Tourism ) investment. In general term, E-tourism is the use of information and communication technology (ICT) in tourism which may allow operating tourism in least variable cost, least time and increased work efficiency. It is worth noting that there are many factors that affect the development of E-tourism. To demonstrate the effectiveness of the system, four factors of investment, human IT skill, E-tourism infrastructure and stability of the regions are considered in the present study. These parameters are fuzzified and a fuzzy rule-base has been developed for calculating risk factor for the E-tourism investment. The researchers used MATLAB software for fuzzifying the factors and gain the final risk. Case studies have been presented using the developed model. It shows that the investment possibility in developed region is high with low risk to invest.

Key Word :
tourism; E-tourism; DSS; Fuzzy decision support system; Risk Analysis

Volume 1, Number 2, - 2011