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Effect of addition of yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) and herb preparation to feed on selected physiological indicators, growth rate and pelt quality of growing arctic foxes

Piotr Przysiecki1*, Andrzej Filistowicz2, Aneta Filistowicz1, Bogusław Fuchs2, Zbigniew Nawrocki2, Vaclav Řehout3, Anna Rząsa2, Sławomir Nowicki4

Abstarc :

Yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) and oil-and-water preparations (extracts) of plants are used in feeding farm animals, improving their health and productivity. It was attempted to use a plantorigin preparation (extract) and spray-dried brewer’s yeast as feed additives. The experiment was conducted on 80 arctic foxes of both sexes born in the first decade of May. An addition of a phytogenic preparation and yeast to feed did not show a negative effect on health or final body weight of growing foxes. Supplementation of diet with yeast increased the feed intake, leading to a higher weight and higher content of storage fat in the body. Moreover, an addition of yeast to feed significantly improved coat quality as assessed both in vivo and post-slaughter.

Key Word :
Arctic fox, plant extracts, yeast

Volume 28, Number 3, - 2010