Nature and Science

The New Concepts to Big Bang and to Black Holes: Both Had No Singularity at All

Dongsheng Zhang

Abstarc :

Our Universe was born from Minimum Gravitational Black Holes (its mass ≈ 10-5 g), but not from Singularity or Big Bang of Singularity. 2. No Singularity existed in star-formed Schwarzchild’s black holes, but a steady mini black hole (its mass ≈ 1015 g) of long lifetime would certainly exist inside as a core
to obstruct the collapse of energy-matters to become Singularity. The steady mini black hole (mom ≈ 1015
g) in black holes instead  of  Singularity called by  General Theory  of Relativity (GTR) could  resist the
gravitational collapse. [Nature and Science. 2004;2(3):1-4].

Key Word :
singularity; big bang; black holes; Plank’s era; cosmology; minimum gravitational black holes;

Volume 2, Number 3, October 2004 , ISSN 1545-0740